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Crailtap Trunk Boyz comp.

12:22 24th September 2013 by Arthur Derrien



To win your the board, tee and pair of shoes of your choice amongst this selection of Crailtap Trunk Boyz goods all you need to do is answer this question in the comments section below: who is the only Trunk Boy (which means either Vincent Alvarez, Elijah Berle, Raven Tershy and Stevie Perez) not to have a Trunk Boyz tattoo?

Maybe watching this clip might help:

  1. Maria Barton

    Vincent Alvarez

  2. Carlos Rodriguez

    Vincent Alvarez!!!!

  3. Silas

    Ya mama is the only one without a Trunk Boyz Tattoo cause she ain’t got no swag

    1. James

      But Ol’ Girl at 1:00 does ’cause she got an honorary “team member” one while bustin’ a sag…, :oO

  4. sebastian weiß

    Vincent Alvarez!!!

  5. Christian Lehmann

    Vincent Alvarez :)

  6. Karlis Zaharans

    Vincent Alvarez, he is the craziest though! :D

  7. federico ultimini

    Vincent Alvarez

  8. Nancy K

    as everyone says, it´s Vincent Alvarez =)

  9. Rando L

    Vincent Alvarez!

  10. Martin

    Vincent Alvarez :D

  11. Frank

    Vincent Alvarez :-B

  12. Peter RN

    Vincent Alvarez

  13. Thomas Munro

    Vincent Alvarez. Skateboarding’s Suarez.

  14. Gregor

    Vincent Alvarez (US 9.5, L)

  15. Andrew Halliwell

    Vincent Alvarez

  16. Isabel Busch

    Vincent Alvarez

  17. Suzanne

    Vincent Alvarez

  18. Swann

    No way ! It’s Elijah

  19. David Dawson

    Vincent Alvarez

  20. James

    I’ll go with Vincent Alvarez…,

  21. adrien Maigné

    Vincent Alvarez yo!!!

  22. Rachael+Garbett

    vincent alvarez :)

  23. Silas Nichols

    Vincent Alvarez

  24. Llŷr Jones

    Vincent Alvarez :) (Size 9 uk/10us and Large)

  25. dr O

    Vincent Alvarez

  26. Sami Suonperä

    The one who doesn’t have a TB-tattoo is Vincent Alvarez :)

  27. May Yuk

    Vincent Alvarez

  28. agathe pigneux

    Vincent Alvarez !

  29. Richard Osman

    Vincent Alvarez

  30. Davide

    Vincent Alvarez

  31. Amanoth

    Vincent Alvarez

  32. Ben Adameit

    Vincent Alvarez

  33. Tinu

    Vincent Alvarez

  34. Seth Wrightson Cross

    Vincent Alvarez!

  35. Malou+Rose

    Trunk Boy Vincent Alvarez!


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