10 Brazilians that came out of nowhere and killed the game.

Tiago Lemos

The idea for this one came from Francis Showerface’s comment on Tiago Lemos in the latest instalment of PWBC news: “he be skating like Enrique Lorenzo on high grade steroids”. Not only is the Enrique comparison bang on, but the steroids joke pretty much applies to every Brazilian who blew up in the States. They do just pop higher, slide further and take those few extra pushes that get you wondering what the fuck they are on. Some will say it’s because they are just a lot hungrier for it, others are convinced that it has more to do with the hours spent on crusty spots under the blazing sun (it’s probably a bit of both). Either way it’s always a pleasure to watch so we thought we’d give you 10 examples of the phenomenon that have particularly stood out to us over the last few years.
So without further ado, lets start things off with the section that brought this topic to our attention in the first place:


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