10 Clips of Skating in the Rain

Yeah the weather is terrible right now. It’s been the wettest winter here in Britain for the last 250 years! As we’ve seen from the continual downpours and flooding, the clouds aren’t really being our friends right now. Although there have been some days of great weather, they’re few and far between, so if you want to skate outside – away from the wombs of indoor car parks and skate parks – then you’ll be faced with situations like these guys below. Here’s a list of some the best things people have done on a board in the rain:

This is the obvious choice that springs to mind when it comes to skating in the rain. Kyle Leeper and Mike Manzoori teamed together to produce this outstanding video part for Etnies a few years ago. I remember that they filmed it because it had been raining for a solid week or so, something non-Californians are pretty used to. So rather than sitting about lamenting, the pair came through with this amazingly well shot and skated part. Leeper looks like he’s surfing when he skates anyway, the rain just exemplifies this. Loads of cool skids and lines, this makes you want to go and trash your board on the streets when it’s pissing it down.


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