10 most controversial quotes in skateboarding.

Having a successful career in skateboarding is all about creating and maintaining a marketable public image. This can be achieved through a number of ways, such as exercising strict quality control on your footage, associating with the right people, coming across as a likeable and interesting human being or being handsome and chain smoking. You would have thought that once you’ve mastered the hard part of actually getting good at skateboarding and building a reputation around that, all you have to avoid is letting slip your darkest secret or most offensive opinion in a global interview and you’re set for life. The skateboarders in this list seem to struggle more with controlling their mouth than front blunting handrails, and some of the things said are pretty outrageous. However, the skateboarding industry is a fickle mistress, and whilst some of these guys pulled through unscathed, others have since been thrown in the sponsorship bargain bin for the remainder of their career.


Corey Duffel – Big Brother: June 2000

Big-Brother-August-2001--75-Interview-Corey-Duffel-part1-HighClick on the portrait to read the full interview.

 For a young Corey Duffel in the early stages of a skateboarding career, it was not a particularly wise career move to publicly call out the legendary Stevie Williams as a “trashy nigger”, nor discuss stabbing ‘faggots” in an interview.

“That’s the only time she has ever felt like a lesbian. He was like some trashy nigger like Stevie Williams, like gold fronts, like sketchy and had a pistol in his pocket.”

The Duffman was promptly dropped by all of his sponsors, leaving him in career purgatory with nothing to wear but clothes from his sister’s fancy dress box. Whether you believe Corey should still be held accountable for what he said over a decade ago, or whether you think any 17 year old would struggle to survive an interview with Chris Nieratko, I think we can all agree that a lifetime stretch on Osiris is punishment enough for any man.


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