Ryan Sheckler – Seventeen Magazine


“To be a cool girlfriend, pay attention to what’s going on. My friends are very drama-free, we’re spontaneous and just living off the cuff. We do everything at random. We’ll have plans for one day, that day comes up, and we’ll completely change them. Relationships are about having fun, just going day to day not know what’s gonna happen. You gotta be down to ride”

Who actually wrote these words? Was it Shecks himself, distractedly dictating between tries as he rattles off tricks down a ten stair for an Oakley commercial? Surely when your name is stamped across your back, it becomes more important that said name is not attached to anything as hideously embarrassing as this article. How big is the budget at Seventeen Magazine to make it worthwhile for a multi-millionaire to further depreciate their reputation in an industry where it is so important?

Has he found a chill girl yet? Was it because of this article? Is a daily routine of corporate video shoots and airline schedules really so spontaneous? Will the Plan B video ever come out? We need answers.


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