Nyjah Huston – Thrasher: Interview Issue 2014

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The award-winning urban-athlete Nyjah Huston is killing it this year, impressing handrail enthusiasts, energy drink shareholders and the Street League upper-echelon alike. But has the youthful rastafari turned Hollywood playboy shown he has more medals than sense in his latest Thrasher interview? In a publicist enraging break from protocol, Nyjah boldly announced that:

“Skateboarding is not for girls at all.”

An easy response would be that skateboarding is not for kids with skate-dad sports coaches, diet plans and training routines, but this would be making the same mistake that Nyjah made in thinking that anyone can decide what anyone else should be allowed to do, particularly when it comes to skateboarding. I doubt that his comments actually put anybody off skateboarding, and instead just reinforced how out of touch he is with actual skateboarders of either gender. Lets hope we have a female SOTY before he gets it.


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