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Until recently, there was little information circulating about the man known as Chase Gabor. A figure shrouded in mystery, his only web presence was a wheedling, disembodied voice from behind the Berrics camera. Few had seen his face as he lurked in the shadowy confines of the Los Angeles warehouse, muttering about steezy tre-bombs and buttery ledges as young children plied their trade on camera before him.

This was before he was lured to the set of the Weekend Buzz by cunning industry personalities Rob Brink and Erica Yary. The brave duo unmasked the predator in the studio, where they proceeded to interrogate him. He refused to answer the majority of their questions, as the truthful answers would  undoubtedly ruin his reputation, but he was happy to admit to sodomising other children with a screwdriver in the golden days of his youth:

“I don’t know if I can get into that one…
Oh, basically, when we were growing up we thought it’d be–we thought it’d be funny to tie our neighbours down and shove screwdrivers up their asses and sodomize ‘em.”

Mr Gabor’s heinous admission to being an aggravated sex offender who had thus far avoided conviction resulted in a series of dramatic ramifications in the weeks following the interview, including being awarded a pro model board by Element Skateboards and being allowed to continue to film Curren Caples alone after hours with the lights dimmed.

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