Andy Roy – Big Brother


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Andy Roy is a perfect example of how as long as you roll with the right crew, you can leave the pro ranks, spend a few years doing whatever you want, and still be welcomed by the skateboarding industry on your return. In Andy Roy’s case “doing what you want” can be vaguely summarised by prison rape, intentional spreading of herpes and stabbing people that piss you off:

“Oh, the Snuggle Bandit! Well check it out. I’m horny, I don’t got no shame in my game, you know? And, uh, when they jump in the shower and they come back to the bed. I’ll be on their bed, and I’ll just kick back on their bed and go, “Hey, come on, lets hang out.” And they’ll lay down, and I’ll corrupt their minds, manipulate them. `cause I’m a good manipulator. And then I’ll vandalize their bottoms. There’s a variety. There’s bubble butts, some with flat asses—“

Variety is the spice of life…



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