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Instagram comment from steveberra: “Congrats to all the guys who made this list, you ALL deserve it, but Is transworld trying to tell me that they did a Reader’s poll and Nyjah Huston with 455k Instagram followers didn’t make it in the top 7. Who the fuck is voting? Transworld, Thrasher, if you’re gonna ask people to vote, at least count it. I know how people vote, we do them all the time and lemme tell ya, something is starting to smell a little fishy around here.”

As a devoted scientologist, Steve Berra possesses a natural instinct for sensing when something doesn’t quite make sense.  Here he seems to have concluded that because Nyjah gets the most votes in Berrics competitions, the same must be true over at Thrasher and Transworld, and thus the results must have been doctored. Perhaps it has something to do with the majority of Berrics users being energy drinking, street leaguing pre-teens and Transworld users actually having a clue about skateboarding. Either way, the saviour of skateboarding is getting a bit old to get so worked up over an online popularity contest, and should probably get back to his dianetics.


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