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For a while, Slap’s “One in a Million” series was a rare example of a skateboarding show that worked. The reason for it’s success was primarily down to the fact that it was 80% great quality skating and 20% getting to know the personalities involved, a ratio that prioritised skateboarding over unnecessary bullshit. Forrest Edwards’ arrival propelled the the show to new heights of popularity, and his raw talent, moody demeanour, and role as a borderline autistic quote machine defined the show, making it impossible for the next series to live up to what had come before.

Alex Klein took the helm for the new series and proceeded to ruin everything it had ever been. The skate-heavy content was gone, replaced by MTV-style reality drama, ridiculous challenges and overly harsh judges, resulting in the show being abandoned halfway through. Klein couldn’t handle the criticism and shifted the burden of blame onto everyone else involved, going as far as to pretend the whole thing had been an intelligent satire that nobody understood:

“For me the entire “reality show” aspect of the contest—judging, board breaking, sad music as the skater walks to the exit– was a parody of American TV culture and not to be taken seriously.”

Nice try.


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