Jereme Rogers – Crossfire: October 2006

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What do you plan for the future?

Skating. Do it to the point where I can retire off it, then be a pastor and see where God takes me. I’ll be moving out to Atlanta, Georgia, soon. When we get married we’ll move into a house I have down there, so it’ll be ready for us in February. Get married, open my church down there..? I don’t know…

This one isn’t so much one of the worst things said in an interview as one of the most inaccurate life predictions imaginable. Swag. God didn’t turn J Rog into a pastor, he turned him into J.Casanova. Swag. He never got married, he fucked a thousand bitches. Swag. He didn’t go to Georgia, he went to the roof, ate some hallucinogens, took off his clothes and got arrested. Swag.


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