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Skateparks – You could probably count the skateparks built in the world in 1992 on one hand. There just weren’t that many at that time; parks from the eighties were getting torn down, no one was building new ones. Skateboarding just wasn’t cool; there was no X-Games, no Street League, no street plazas, no corporate endorsements, no energy drink sponsors, etc. Also, insurance companies began making it very hard for people to open up private skateparks. It was close to impossible to get insurance for a skatepark at that time. So no one had really built any new skateparks since the seventies and early eighties. This means that the few skateparks that did exist were outdated. You had these kids trying 360 pressure flips in the bowls and snake runs of rough skateparks from the seventies. Also many parks in the early nineties still made you wear full storm trooper protective gear, which was the norm in the eighties. Putting on kneepads, elbow pads, wrist guards and a helmet to practice your late flips was like putting on a space suit to change the batteries of your TV remote. Soon everyone realised it was more satisfying to just skate the curbs at their local car park; this lead to constant heckling from passers by and most of the public in general.


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