Everyone hated skateboarders


Everyone hated skateboarders- As it was mentioned earlier, skateboarders were constantly being made fun of in the early nineties. I mean, we didn’t do ourselves any favours what with the bleached blonde hair, XXL Tees, massive sagged Green Plan B trousers and chain wallets. Looking back now I can see we looked a bit ridiculous, but at the time we were in our own privy world of coolness. The amount of fights we got into and abuse we received from the public was almost unbearable. “Fuck off skater!” and “Skate or die dude!” was constantly being yelled at us by passing jocks, preps and chavs. You just couldn’t win back then: your parents were angry because you cut up the legs of the brand new jeans they had just bought you, your teachers at school were constantly getting on your case about sagging your pants, and the police kept kicking you out of your local curb spot. Also, being a skateboarder in 1992 didn’t exactly help you pull the ladies. Skateboarding was not considered cool at all. Skateboarding wasn’t mainstream back then like it is now. There was no Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game, no skateboarding on TV, and no corporate shoe deals. A pro skateboarder in 1992 made less than minimum wage and there was minimal fame. But still, we continued to skate because we loved it. Skateboarding wasn’t so great in the early nineties, but I’m still glad it happened for the experiences we had. Today in skateboarding anything goes…no complies are cool, bonelesses and wallrides are fun and people wear a wide range of fashions and nobody cares. Nineties nostalgia is big right now, but luckily some of the trends in the early nineties will not come back. We had to go through this phase in skateboarding to get to where we are today. So the next time you head down to your local skatepark and get high-fives from your friends after doing a no-comply lipslide on the ledge, just remember how lucky you are as this could never have happened in 1992. Skateboarders were too close-minded back then. That trick would have been ILLEGAL!


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