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crap equipment

Crap Equipment – Fair enough many companies tried to introduce revolutionary technology into the skateboard world in the early nineties but in all honesty it was mostly all crap. Tracker invented the ‘floating axle’ to combat the always annoying slipping axle problem. Their reasoning was this: ‘if you can’t stop axles from slipping, why not make the whole axle move freely and not connect it at all’. It was a good idea, but it made your trucks sound like a tin box full of cutlery. Plus, they connected on one side with an ‘e-clip’ which was something that looked like the ring-pull of Coke can and they always fell off your axles and got lost. Another early-nineties trend was Bridgebolts. These were U-shaped bolts to mount your trucks that made your board extra-heavy and they stuck up sizably from your griptape. When they snapped, it was extra-impossible to take your trucks off. Also in the early nineties truck companies decided to change the drilling of the truck holes. Yes, this made it better for noseslides so you mounting hardware didn’t get all messed up, but it sucked if your new deck you got for Christmas wasn’t drilled for the new truck hole specs. Take it to the skate shop and get the drill out! Other notable misses were Acme’s one-bearing wheel (which didn’t really work), Ever-slicks (great for sliding, bad for lugging you heavy deck around) and Tracker’s silicone injected truck “for the longest grinds”.

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