42” Jeans

42 jeans

42” Jeans – All of a sudden you had to have massive jeans, we are not sure the exact moment this happened, but we believe it was around 1992. Around then New Deal came out with “Big Deals”, they were one of the first massively huge trousers in the skate world. Around this same time Blind released their infamous Blind Jeans that came already cut off at the bottom. For those less privileged skaters who couldn’t afford the latest skate brand fashions they took matters into their own hands. Basically, steal a pair of your Grandfather’s 42 inch waist trousers, cut them off so they are about 28 inches long and cinch them up with an adjustable army belt. Seeing as how the average 13 year-old boy isn’t skilled in the ways of a professional tailor often times you would cut your trousers off too short. No matter, just sag them down below your butt and the jeans will fit perfectly. If your jeans didn’t surround your Airwalk Ones completely then they were too tight. Oh and make sure your jeans/trousers were the brightest colour possible: purple Blind jeans, Mustard Big Deals, Red Plan B pants and Green Fuct pants were a must-have. Shorts at this time were also ridiculous. Just imagine them being neon-green and 5 inches shorter than the trousers described above.


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