Focusing Boards


Focusing Boards – World Industries’ Rubbish Heap came out in late 89’. By the time that VHS video made it to every kid’s household it was 1990 and the skate world was introduced to focusing boards via that first filmed stomp by Jeremy Klein of Rodney Mullen’s freestyle board. Although focusing was invented by Mike Daher’s brother George (Mike talks about it in this Chromeball interview) many have said it was all part of Steve Rocco’s plan to get kids to break their boards so they would have to buy more. Regardless if that’s true or not once someone saw a board being focused for the first time this inevitably led to that person trying it out themselves. It was exciting focusing boards, but it proved expensive! A deck was about £50 in 1990 and although that’s not too different from what it is now consider the fact that prices and wages were much lower back then. A can of Coke cost 30p in 1990!

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