Shoes- In the beginning of the nineties everyone was skating in Airwalks, Vans SK8-Hi’s, or Converse Chuck Taylors. All the skate shoes at the time were high-tops so you could ‘protect’ your ankles. But in what seems like overnight everyone decided that they wanted to skate in low-tops. Of course this took the skate shoe companies at the time by surprise. No one really wanted to skate in the Airwalk NTS’s because they looked too high, ugly and bulky. Intuitive skaters started cutting down their skate shoes themselves and making them into low-tops on their own with varying results. Skateboarders in the early nineties also tried to seek out old Puma Clydes and Shell Toes that could only be found at flea markets and vintage shops. The skate shoe companies couldn’t react quick enough, it took them 18 months to develop low-top skate shoes. In the meantime skate footwear was all over the shop: Cut-down Airwalks, Adidas Shell Toes a size too small, indoor football shoes, Adidas Gazelles, Converse Dr. J’s, Vans Full-Cabs cut down into Half Cabs, etc. A lot of these shoes were extremely hard to get a hold of so if you got a pair you did your best make them last with shoe goo, gaffer tape, and model glue. Skate footwear in the early nineties was a sad state of affairs.

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