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Magazines – In the early nineties skateboarding’s popularity was dying so advertisers were pulling out and going out of business. This caused the skate magazines of the time to gradually shrink and become smaller and smaller. In addition, tricks became so technical in the early nineties they became difficult to shoot photographically. Remember, very few people popped tricks back then so there were a lot of sequences. Doing a pop shuv-it late 180 varial flip took like 3 hours to do so you had to spend a fortune on film (it was the pre-digital days) just to get a sequence of the make. This proved costly and with skate magazine’s dwindling ad revenues the mags decided to start printing video grabs. Now, you could probably pull this off these days with all the HD cameras and DSLRs, but in 1992 people filmed with Hi-8 cameras. There was no standard lens or go-to camera at the time so all the video grabs looked a little different and they really ranged in quality. We must also not fail to mention that most of the skate photos in the early nineties also had visible flash bursts in them and this is a big no-no these days. Although nostalgic, skate mags of the early nineties didn’t exactly paint skateboarding in the best light. I’m sure we can all say that we are glad the days of video grabs of beat-up-the-ground flip tricks are over.

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