10 tricks Danny Montoya did first

Before the NBD acronym was even created Danny Montoya was doing tricks that had never been done. Here at Kingpin we are big fans of Danny Montoya and we want to remind everyone how much of an innovator Danny is. Mr. Montoya has been dazzling us with tech ledge tricks for almost the past 20 years and judging by his most recent X-games Real Street part, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We’ve compiled together a bunch of tricks we think Danny was the first to do. Obviously, there is no way of knowing if he was indeed the first to do these, we could be wrong on one or two of these, but we just felt like Danny Montoya was truly ahead of his time and it’s something to point out. What’s incredible as well is that many of these NBD tricks were done in lines!

Switch front blunt flip out

Danny pulled this one out in a line in Transworld’s The Reason in 1999. Has anyone even done this since?


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