Jerry, Austyn and Josh Harmony in NYC

This clip represents New York skateboarding at its rawest, albeit filmed on the New York set of the Paramount studios, and featuring no New York skaters. It does have some winning components, namely, a marketable member of team handsome who has a questionable attitude towards t-shirt necklines, Duran Duran and Josh Harmony doing a “mosher drop in” in a silk half dressing gown that shows his chest. The makers of the video have made a fatal error, the video features semi naked female models, meaning no one cares about the skateboarding. I had to watch about 3 times before I noticed Josh Harmony struggling to 180 off a curb. The comments on this video also take it the next level, writes: “Great choice for skaters (as skaters embody human dance and style) and great to see them in slow motion because today one only sees them fast in video”. This proves once and for all no one outside of skateboarding can understand it.  


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