Sylvain Tognelli

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Sylvain-Tognelli-frontside-wallrideSylvain Tognelli, frontside wallride by Joël Tettamanti and Bertrand Trichet from issue 120.

Here’s how Sylvain described skating this spot featured in the Carhartt x Alps article:

“The danger when skating in the mountains is not the same as in the city. Falling into a frozen lake, drowning in a river or simply falling off a hundred meters are ways of dying you usually don’t conceive on your skateboard, so our whole crew of scatter-brained athletes had to be particularly cautious during this trip. The challenge for the frontside wallride was to get as close to the void as possible, giving cold sweats to Bertrand and Joël. The scariest moments for me were the sessions in riverbeds next to dams. I was expecting a huge wave to come over us at any time.”


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