Gosha Konishev

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Gosha_Konyshev_pivot_fakie_Kyrgyzstan_SHRP_CMYKGosha Konishev pivot to fakie by Alexey Lapin from issue 105. 

Apparently these barriers are all over Kyrgyzstan, lucky sods. Here’s what Kirill Korobkov who covered the trip for us had to say about the spot:

“One of our favorite things about Kyrgyzstan was the design of road barriers. Kyrgyz barriers had nice transition and were the perfect height for skateboarding. They put them along the highways, so you can easily find one with a really epic background. In my book Kyrgyzstan had the most beautiful scenery of the trip. This background on this photo speaks pretty much for itself: the lake, the mountains and the snow on the peaks…”


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