Swiss Banks part 2

14446Sylvain Tognelli, frontside ollie.

Within ten days, I think I barely spent an hour on my board: quite rare for a skate tour! I’m not very keen on skate tours in the high mountains or in countries where people are starving (which is not the case of Switzerland as you may know)!
And shooting tricks in odd places is not a very original answer to the media’s lack of creativity. Basically, skateboarding is an urban activity since that’s where it develops. But skating in the countryside or in the mountains does exist though.

Still, after so many trips to the same places, I couldn’t refuse a breath of fresh air; and I started skating in the countryside close to Switzerland so it was almost a return to my roots.


14461Joseph Biais, Gap to frontside wallride.

Moreover camping is great, providing that it’s somehow organised. Carhartt WIP gave us tents and sleeping bags, but I found out, way too late, that we were supposed to take care of everything else all by ourselves. Anyway, I thought we would spend two nights outside at the very maximum just for the credibility, and the other nights in comfy inns or refuges. That didn’t happen. Fortunately Bertrand, who is not that much of an offbeat person and Dominik had anticipated the rest of the crew’s lack of anticipation. It’s sometimes cool to have far-sighted people on a trip.

The notion of time disappeared within our small wandering group. We had to cook, find camps, and enjoy the landscape… Despite the first day’s doubts, boredom didn’t show up even 2,500 metres high. Everything easy becomes a challenge: brush your teeth, do the wash-up or taking a shower takes on a new dimension. We didn’t have time to relax, we were constantly being tested. It might sound a bit strict – and it was, but it’s a good way of tackling life in a group.

14444Dominik Dietrich, backside flip.



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