Full Steam Ahead: Eleven great 'no pushing' lines

chewytunnelChewy Cannon by Sem Rubio.

There is always something head-turning about a no-pushing line in a section. By this I mean a line in which no further pushes are taken once the skater has achieved a suitable momentum to guide them through the entirety of their chosen path. These lines have a tendency to stick in one’s head – perhaps because of the subtle way that they convey the skater’s high level of board control. Ironically, some of the best no-push lines often seem to come from the feet of skaters who are known for having great pushes –   the kind who like to skate fast. These sorts of clips give off a dream-like quality, a calmness of locomotion that tells the viewer  ‘chill – I got this’. Below are ten examples of the timeless ‘no pushing’ line. Major shout outs to Alex Dyer at Muckmouth (http://www.muckmouth.com) for the inspiration on this one.

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