Kingpin's Guide to the No-Comply


The No-Comply is universal -  no matter your ability (or weight), it’s not too much effort to plant a foot on the ground, flick the tail sideways and hope you land on it… 

But for many skateboarders, that’s just the start – as a trick that predates the Ollie, the No-Comply has had plenty of years to evolve. From its parking block roots to simple flatground variations, and even incorporation with handrails… now, as ever, choosing to put your front foot down (and how you choose to do it) is a defining point in your style.

Whatever you decide, you’ve got to learn from somewhere, and it never hurts to take a look at the best. So if you’re looking to put an extra spin on your own footloose manoeuvres – we’ve got some of the classics to inspire you.  Make sure you’re watching closely…


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