Skateboarding's most outrageous style switch-ups


Ben Nordberg


An important thing to keep in mind with this one is that it’s okay to look stupid when you are a kid. Going through a grom phase is fine, it’s a healthy thing. Even if it involves wearing tie-dye shirts and beaded bracelets. The manufactured hippy/stoner steez has always been really popular amongst prepubescent middle-class white boys in the UK so he can’t really be blamed.

What he can be called out for is moving to L.A and drastically switching things up. You simply can’t get away with fashionably smoking cigarettes every time you get your picture taken and wearing 4 rings on each hand, especially if it’s just to look like Dylan Reider. And what the fuck is up with those T-shirts? How do you convince yourself that pulling on your collar and ripping holes into in it will make it look cooler? What would your mum say if she walked in on you going at it with scissors?

Sorry but no matter how many Cali girls you can’t mention you slept with thanks to those garms, nothing justifies looking like a such a wimp.


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