Chad Muska



The Las Vegas native was referred to as Chad Muska when he burst onto the scene in the mid-nineties riding for Maple and rocking a white baseball cap and cargo pants. He made a name for himself in San Diego and got on Toy Machine and soon after that he became known to all as “The Muska”.

Muska has had a lot of different looks. You might remember this look from Transworld’s Uno. This was the stee he rocked that henceforth cemented his status as a household name; this was his Toy Machine days.

Next, he left Toy Machine and got on Shorty’s where he moved into a more sporty look with swishy pants, TSA tees, his éS pro model shoes, tank tops and silver necklaces.The boom box was his fashion accessory of choice and he brought it everywhere and even did crooked grinds with it.

Years later Muska began hanging more in Hollywood with the celebs and you can tell this has definitely influenced his choice of fashion. These days Muska can be seen wearing Meggings (Male-leggings) like many other celebs, his latest Skytop, lots of black, glasses and lots of leather.


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