Stomping Grounds: 10 'Local Spot' Sections

Dom Henry

STEPHANE_GIRET_KICKFLIP-TRANSFER_LYON Stéphane Giret, kickflip at Hotel de Ville (Lyon, France). Photo by French Fred. 

In the era of affordable global travel it is now common practice for skaters to fly to an anonymous Beijing training level to log their park-honed NBDs, before stopping off in New York to pop off, onto or over some corrugated metal to be sure to earn their East-Coast-eye credibility and cover all bases. But there is something about these kaleidoscopic travel brochure video parts that leaves me cold. There is a lot to be said for staying at home – an authenticity that shines through when skaters are clearly local to a spot, chill there with their homies and principally terrorise that particular spot over a concentrated period of time, resulting in video parts in which their adopted stomping grounds features heavily. According to age, all skaters will have their own eras and documented scenes which appealed to them. As a mid-to-late-90s starter, my early obsessions involved the Pier 7 era in San Francisco and the (admittedly second era) of Love Park in Philadelphia. Nothing makes a section like the confidence and sense of belonging radiated by a skater who clearly knows every chip and crack that their habitat could throw at them, and therefore takes those extra pushes in full comfort, exhausting every possible route that the spot has to offer. With this in mind, the recent release of the Bobby Worrest: Turf Killer Part, filmed entirely at Pulaski Park in Washington D.C, resonated with me like a foghorn blast in a squash court. It got me thinking about some of my favourite examples of skaters putting in work at their local mecca – not necessarily for the entirety of the part, but just sections in which the skater’s go-to spot is undeniably prominent. So without further ado, here is an ode to staying home: ten premium examples of skaters holding down their local.

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