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Stomping Grounds: 10 'Local Spot' Sections

Stomping Grounds: 10 'Local Spot' Sections

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Third and Army, San Francisco. O.G Tech wizard Henry Sanchez killed it harder than most men. Some of his finest work is the sheer amount of ludicrously difficult ledge and manual lines he executed at 3rd and Army, most of which he opted to handle at gale force speed. Sanch also desecrated the holy grounds of Pier 7 on the regular around this same period, but since the honour of King Loc’ at that spot has already been awarded to his honourable associate Marcus McBride, and the fact that the first minute and a half of this compilation shows Henry bringing absolute firepower to the rounded edges and kicker-over-horn features of 3rd and Army, I figured it only right to give this one to Mr. Sanchez.


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