Ten celebrities that shouldn't pretend to skate


In researching this article we had to stick our faces into the ungodly cesspool of celebrity media so you don’t have to. Presenting you with certain celebrities who have picked up a board.  As a skateboarder you are at least 10 times more interesting and cool than a celebrity. Celebrities see a skateboard as an accessory that gets them instant credibility and provides them with an excuse to finally send their PA to shop at Supreme for them. However they fail to foresee the immediate backlash skateboarders will give them. Your standard celebrity wasn’t there through the tech fabrics of the late nineties, or there for the shoes that took us an age to wear in. Looking through the material for this article, it bears keeping in mind that famous people who want to skate are a shade better than skaters who want to become famous.


Thanks to Quartersnacks for bringing the #EverybodySkates phenomenon to our attention.




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