Jayden Smith



Continuing the theme of complete pillocks, Jayden Smith looks as if he is taking a break from starring in rubbish films to ponce around with a board. Jayden is the son of Will Smith, but not the one no one talks about. He is a young kid who has taken up skateboarding, which we can’t really hate because you were one once. What we can cast derision on however is the dressing like a deluded mime who has been kicked through a Zara menswear department. If I had to pick between this guy and Biebs, I’d have to go Jayden, mainly because 70% of the time black guys are better at skating than white guys. Jayden has all the trade marks of a kid who isn’t getting the piss taken out of him enough at school, but I’m sure the skateboard community could rectify that pretty quick, after all his head does give great Wifi signal.



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