Paddy Pellow's Worst Skateboard Graphics Of All Time List

Board graphics are the best representation of your company’s aesthetic, artistic direction and creative intent, it’s a wonder why some board companies decide to piss this opportunity up the wall and put out complete dross. Your pro riders are the uncontrollable faces of the company, who will invariably fall to drink, drugs or “not really feeling it” disease.  Board graphics are the mainstay that form your company’s legacy – don’t take that for granted when designing a board run. This means no bubble font, no in jokes AND NO WEED LEAVES!

                                               JART Logo Board 


A logo board can only really work if your logo is not atrocious. Jart have taken it upon them selves to recreate this artistic direction on everyone of their boards pretty much. The typeface on this one screams “white dreadlocks”.



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