Peripheral vision: 10 premium "underdog" sections

Dom Henry

Every now and then, a skater who is not exactly centre-stage in the mainstream consciousness surfaces with a part full of such well chosen tricks, such natural style and such appetizing spots that you just think ‘everyone deserves to know about this’. It would be a bit tenuous to call some of these parts ‘underground’, since some of the people that I have chosen have at one time or another been pro for a respectable company (or still are) – but for the most part they are still the underdogs, skaters who’s unique skill and style on a skateboard far outshines the level of recognition that they have received from the skateboarding industry as a whole. These are sections that I feel deserve to be re-watched or discovered – here are my ten favourite ‘underdog’ sections.


                             Russ Milligan – Think ‘Business as Usual’ – 2012

The only reason I can think of for Think Skateboards pro Milligan not being a bigger deal than he is is that he is suffering from the age-old ‘Canadian raw deal’ curse. Milligan has been criminally underrated for years now – just check any of his parts and imbibe his infallible brew of fakie and nollie pop, thoughful tech and generally highbrow trick selection and execution.


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