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6 skateboarders with "acting" careers.

6 skateboarders with "acting" careers.

Joe Coward

Jason Lee is the most successful actor out of this list, so he’s a good place to start. After being in one of the most influential skate videos of all time: Blind’s “Video Days” and doing his own company with Chris Pastras called Stereo – which focused on powerful, more stylish and less technical skating than what was going on at the time – it’s a bit strange that he didn’t continue to pursue professional skating. However he’s appeared in many really good films and TV shows, so he knew what he was doing. His first proper role was in cult-comedy “Mallrats” in 1995 as a main character. Following this success he made several appearances in the indie film scene, like “Chasing Amy”, “Dogma” and later “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”. However he was beginning to make a name for himself on the mainstream circuit with “Kissing a Fool” (1998) and “Vanilla Sky” (2001). But perhaps his best known role (besides voicing  Syndrome in “The Incredibles”) is being Earl from cult hit comedy TV series “My name is Earl”. Although there’s plenty of other things he’s appeared in and he’s a great actor, I still think his “A Visual Sound” part is the best thing he’s done:

A clip of Jason in “Mallrats”:

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