Steve Berra

Joe Coward

Steve Berra is a bit of an anomaly within the skate world. Starting his career as a vert pro, he transitioned (pun intended) into jumping off and down big stuff in the streets. He was later plagued by injuries and was smart enough to start “The Berrics” as one half of a partnership with Eric Koston, with Berra focusing quite a lot on the business side of things. He’s secured his place in skating by making one of the most popular/well known skatepark’s (and its accompanying website) in the world. However in between all this skate-stuff, he dabbled in acting. Starring in a few films, but mostly TV acting, he’s done a fair bit. However the pure unintentional comedy in this hilarious scene from TV series “Felicity” (1999), became a bit of an internet sensation when it was dredged up from the past. If you haven’t seen this, then watch it below:

Steve Berra and Heath Kirchart in Habitat’s “Mosaic”:

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