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Harmony Korine and Larry Clark’s film “Kids” (1995) was a cult hit that depicted the lives of teenagers in New York and the devastating effect AIDS had on the lives of young and vagrant street kids. Most of the boys in the film are skaters – featuring the likes of Harold Hunter, Justin Pierce, Billy Valdez, Javier Nunez, Jeff Pang, Peter Bici and more – the film’s depiction of skaters was not hugely well received by the skate world. The scene below, where they brutally beat a man unconscious, was highly controversial; many skaters thought it only painted a worse picture of the culture than it already had. However things like this did occur and although the film is a heightened version of reality, it contains a gritty realism that won it recognition. Although there’s not much skating in there, as a skater, it’s interesting to watch some NY legends appear in the film:

Here’s Harold Hunter’s legendary section in Zoo York Mixtape 1:

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