Javier Nunez

Joe Coward

As the previous entry will tell you Javier Nunez made an appearance in the cult classic “Kids”, he wasn’t even a teenager yet and in the film it’s quite funny to see him smoking weed at such a young age. However this aside (and his skate careers for Zoo York and City Stars) Javier pursued acting alongside his skating. Featuring in the films “R-Xmas” and “Prison Song” in 2001 and in a few episodes of HBO show “How To Make It In America” in 2010. He showed that he could still work the magic on the small screen as a bi-polar pro-skater character. Here’s a funny clip that HBO put together, with skaters you’ll recognise talking about his character ‘Wilfredo Gomez’:

Javier’s section in City Stars “Street Cinema”:

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