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Fabian Alomar

Fabian Alomar

Joe Coward

Fabian Alomar, a friend of Javier Nunez, skating through the same circles and affiliated with Kareem Campbell, has also tried his hand at acting. As discussed in the fifth Menace Epicly Later’d episode which focuses on Fabian, he’s had a hard life: brought up in an area rife with gang violence, having served time and dealt with drug addiction, skateboarding has definitely provided him with an escape from that. However acting has also provided him with a similar escape too, and with much lower risks of getting fines. Most of his roles seem to have been typecast from his personal background – acting as a gang member. Perhaps not ideal, it’s a much better alternative than being a real one. He’s featured in a few TV series’ and films but here’s a clip from an interesting series called “Goldilocks” that was shot entirely on iPhone’s:

Here’s Fabian and his Menace teammates in their infamous “20 Shot Sequence” section:

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