Spike Jonze

Joe Coward

And lastly we have Spike Jonze. Although he’s never been a sponsored skater (or primarily an actor), his filmmaking skills have brought us some of the greatest and most revered skate videos of all time, such as “Rubbish Heap” and “Video Days”. Not only that but he has stayed within skateboarding as his career as a filmmaker for the big screen has ballooned. He’s written, directed, produced and starred in a lot of really fantastic films such as : “Being John Malkovich” (1999), “Adaptation” (2002) and most recently “Her” in 2013. As one of the co-founders of Girl skateboards, his influence over the company’s output has been massive and he’s been involved with every production that Crailtap have put out. Here’s the trailer for his latest film called “Her” below:

And here’s Guy Mariano’s part in “Mouse” because, well it’s awesome:

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