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8 influential early street parts (pre 1990)

8 influential early street parts (pre 1990)

Joe Coward

Natas Kaupas’ part in Santa Cruz’s “Wheels of Fire” is one of the most impactful video parts to ever come out. The stuff that he was doing was such a revolution and a revelation to the wider audience out of the people who had seen him skate first hand. Skateboarding in the 80′s was all about vert, so seeing a guy cruising about on the streets and taking tricks from the ramp to the curb and banks was mind-blowing. He was also innovating his own stuff too, like wallrides and popping up onto Natas is an extremely recognisable person to look at and this may have only helped to heighten peoples awareness of the dude. If you haven’t seen the documentary on his life then check that out too: here.


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