The Panoramic Perspective: Ten Superb Long Lens Lines

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In the well-trodden field of audio-visual skateboarding documentation, the ubiquitous fish eye angle has become a cultural staple – and for good reason. It is a fantastic tool for reliably capturing the immediacy, energy and spontaneity inherent in the activity of skateboarding itself -with an extremely respectable success rate. When it comes to the art of filming skateboard lines, it is almost second nature to assume that this approach is by far superior, given it’s advantage to capture the entirety of the skater’s journey at close range, more delicately capturing the intricacies of technique and the hidden awkwardness of the spot. However, I would like to take a moment to sing the praises of the alternative – the lesser seen ‘long lens’ line. Whilst filming a skater negotiating their environment from this voyeuristic vantage point may not lend itself to the dynamacy and rawness of the skateboarding in question, there is something to be said for the broader aspect that it captures. Whether it be the additional insight that you can glean about the session that day from seeing the homies lurking in the background, or from hearing their cheering nearer to the microphone, or simply from the more reliable impression you receive of the actual dimensions of the spot, the long lens line offers a unique panoramic postcard of a particular moment in time. Here are ten of our favourite ‘LLL’s.


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