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Top 10 European video parts of 2013

Top 10 European video parts of 2013

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

webKarsten switch5050Karsten Kleppan, switch 50-50 from his Hold It Down section. Photo by Sem Rubio.


I think we can all agree that 2013 has been one hell of a year for European skateboarding, particularly in terms of video releases. Sweet skateboards and Sk8mafia’s Stee marked the first ever collaborative video between an American and a European company. Cliché invested all their trust in up and coming videographer Boris Proust for the production Bon Voyage and ending up outselling their fair share of major US productions both on iTunes and DVD. Small independent projects such as Eleventh Hour received international praise and incredible web parts like Palace’s Definitely Brady or Mauro Caruso’s Gold Or Nothing section seemed to pop up every week!
That being said, there are certain video parts have seriously been on repeat in the office all year so we thought it would make sense to bring them all together into one post.
The list is obviously very subjective and doesn’t even take into account the videos that don’t follow the traditional section after section model (maybe we’ll do an end of year post with them later on) so don’t take it too seriously. Anyhow please feel free to call us out if you think we forgot something major.


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