10. French Fred's 'Back to the Roots' edit with JB Gillet

Curtis O'Dell

SKATE | Back to the Roots | Fred Mortagne | #NOKIAPUREVIEWS

Fred Mortagne’s contribution to the camera phone edit world is this sick video of JB Gillet shredding the legendary Hotel De Ville spot in Lyon. Although these little edits are funded and presented by Nokia, there’s something quite cool and fun about them. JB absolutely smashes it here and it all seems so easy. The best thing about edits filmed with phones is that they have such a relaxed feel. There’s not that pressure of having a big, professional camera and filmer following you super close, and that overwhelming feeling when you don’t land something; that you’re wasting their time. Phone edits are all about friends, fun and capturing an essence of the session. The session doesn’t revolve around filming, the phone just records whatever goes down.


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