3. Brent O'Donnell's 'Cellout' edits

Curtis O'Dell

CELLOUT Montage 2

Cellout Montage 2 is the latest instalment from Brent O’Donnell and his crew. A little while ago they released an entire video with individual parts, all captured on the trusty camera phone. Along with that video, they released a ‘Cellout Montage’ and now a sequel. I really enjoy these phone edits as they include not only some really gnarly skating, but have a strong energy and craziness to them. At some points I almost found myself laughing… Along with the montages, I’ve included Gilbert Crockett’s Cellout Part. His section is really entertaining and as well as proving that Gilbert has an incredible popping ability, features some of the weirdest shit you will ever see in a little web edit. These guys just have fun, and that’s what’s important.

CELLOUT Montage 1

Gilbert Crockett CELLOUT Part


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