Habitat Keep On Campin

The Habitat Continental Caravan tour reached Berlin coupe days ago. Hence the radio silence on the site: the camper vans don’t have wireless, and neither does the parking lot behind Hauptbahnhof where we’re parked. I’m charging my batteries at falafel stands round the corner. It’s raining. Loving it. Blogging it, at Rosenthaler platz.

-------alt text here--------
Kerry Getz tre flip

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Marius Syvänen tre flip

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The Habitat shoes are coming out next February. It’ll be a long autumn and winter for poor Marius to go shoeless til then.

Today, at 16:00 CET the Habitat crew will do a demo at the Skatehalle Berlin. It’ll be Kerry Getz, Darryl Angel, Marius Syvänen and Daryl Angel. Judging by the session there yesterday, this will be well worth seeing, so get there if you’re in town.


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