The Scene: Lyon (1/2) with Flo Mirtain, Adrien Coillard and more.

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Some of you may have noticed that there was no Scene edit/article last month. This was partly because issue 123 was a bit of a Bright European Skateboards Awards special, but mainly because none of the crews we are working with on these could get their shit together on time. To make up for it, this month we’ve decided to drop the Lyon instalment that comes in the form of two very distinctive edits rather than one. This first one was filmed on Nicolas Nicolas Wawrzyniak’s TRV 900 and features Flo Mirtain, Adrien Colliard, JP Villa, Steeve Ramy, Alex Maison, Guillaume Collucci and a bunch of local rippers you’ll probably be hearing a lot more about in the near future.

We’ll be releasing the second one next week so keep an eye out for that.





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