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10 Reasons To Vote For The Readers' Choice Euro Skater of the Year!

15:32 24th December 2012 by Alex Irvine

Not sure who to vote for Readers’ Choice on the European Skater of the Year? Well let us help you make your mind up! Bear in mind this is just a taster of what these guys have achieved in the last 12 months but it’s a good excuse to host some outstanding skateboarding.

Be sure to make your voice heard by casting your vote here and telling us why you picked who you picked (or leave us a dumb comment for my speech!)!

Merry Christmas!

Willow’s part from Almost’s 5 Incher.

Youness’ part from Almost’s 5 Incher.

Madars’ Where EU At part from DC.

Josef Scott Jatta’s Where EU At part from DC.

Tim Zom’s part from the Bombaklats Promo video.

Nassim’s part from the Bombaklats Promo Video.

Mark Frölich’s part from Jart’s All You Need video.

Bastien Salabanzi’s part from Jart’s All You Need video.

Chris Pfanner’s Anti Hero pro part.

Jesus’ part from Pretty Sweet (we obviously can’t host it but you can buy it! On iTunes or at your local skateshop now!)

  1. Snotboss010

    Zombie just kill€d it all year long ‘nd many years b-4 2000 ‘nd twelve, he’s a f€@kin’ maniac ‘nd will sk8 sh8t most people wouldn’t even consider skateble, plus he’s from Snotterdam-Holla-ND…so that makes him even sicker then da rest even without skatin’ he’s totally nuts ‘nd I like every move he makes on da board…his skatemental part was 1 of da sickest parts evah made of a €uro dog so give him da bloody award daMmit!!!!;)


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