SEIMI MIYAHARA's part from LENZII (Tightbooth Productions)

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

The long awaited Lenz 2 has been released on DVD and is available in Europe from the Magenta online store. Let me tell you Seimi Miyahara has one hell of a kickflip for starters. The aesthetic that we’ve come to know and love from the Japanese scene is consistent throughout the part and in the video. A TBPR and Shinpei Ueno masterpiece that has taken four years to film, Lenz 2 will definitely take off from where its predecessor left off. Night skating and innovative camera angles, paired with original skating leave Japanese skate videos in a league of their own. To quote Josh Stewart on his site Theories of Atlantis ’Lenz 2 simply makes most western filmmakers look just lazy and uncreative.’ Read an interview with the man behind the camera here.


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