The Scene: Madrid

When we discussed the idea of this whole Scene edit/article project with our editorial team the first thing that came out of our Spanish editor Sem Rubio’s mouth was that Madrid should be one of our priorities. Most of us didn’t know much about what was going on in the Spanish capital these days, only remembering the Dope videos and Jesus Fernandez’s incredible Plaza De Colón. After a bit of research we came to the conclusion that Sem was indeed completely right about the city’s new generation, they were absolutely smashing it. Felix Bollain (the filmer), Juan Algora and the rest of the crew were perfect for what we were trying to do. Their standard of skating was really impressive, Felix’s VX filming was on point and their edits (the Welcome video is a good example) had a proper “crew” vibe to them. On top of all this, the way their spots looked and their style of editing was so different from everything else that was coming out of the top European scenes that picking them was a real no brainer. Compare this episode to The Scene: Copenhagen, any Bombaklats edit or Eleventh Hour if you don’t believe me.


  1. Pablo Pérez Petete El Malnacido

    Diego Cano Aka Artillero destrozando spots!!!


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