Timeless: Wieger Van Wageningen in "Nothing But The Truth"

Arthur Derrien Arthur Derrien

Since this part is only 6 years old it’s probably too recent to be considered a “classic”, but when that Nike video came out I remember watching it over and over again. Those ridiculously long grinds, smooth backtails and the predominance of fakie tricks even made it a lot easier for us to accept (enjoy?) the usually very annoying the inward heelflips. Yet somehow, the video part didn’t have the impact I thought it would. A lot of the skaters I’ve spoken to hardly remember it. I guess most of them must’ve been put off by the those weird skits they had before every part…

Anyway, it’s almost the weekend and and I can’t think of a better time to watch this. Whether you are seeing it for the first time or already know it off by heart, you are bound to feel a sudden urge to go out and learn fakie switch crooked grinds.

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